Our History

In 1961, a fellowship began under the premise that all churches supporting the NBC, USA, Inc., should be together while those loyal to the PNBC, Inc. should unite. To this end, a new group of churches in D.C., Maryland (as far as Baltimore) and in the Northern Virginia who supported only the NBC, USA, Inc., came together as a Baptist fellowship during the third week of October.

 Reverend Wilbert C. Cole, Pastor, St. Phillips Baptist Church, and the Reverend Grady E. Stevenson, Pastor, Providence Baptist Church, called the first meeting. For two years, this fellowship grew, so that by 1963, more than 75 churches in those three localities had come together.

 The first officers of the Parent Body and its Auxiliaries were:

1)      The Parent Body- Rev. Wilbert Cole, President

2)     Sunday School & BTU Convention- Rev. Grady Stevenson, President

3)     Women’s Convention- Mrs. Ethel Robinson, Providence Baptist Church, President

4)     Mr. Dolphin G. Thompson, Meridian Hill Baptist Church, Secretary

 Mr. Dolphin G. Thompson, the first secretary, recommended the Baptist fellowship be named after a local bank where some member churches placed their funds- National Capital Bank of Washington. Once agreed upon, this name was used for the Baptist Fellowship- The National Capital Baptist State Convention.

 In September 1963, the Rev. Cole, the Rev. Stevenson and the Rev. Edgar L. Williams, the Pastor of the Second New St. Paul Baptist Church, met with Dr. Jackson at the NCB, USA, Inc. Annual Session. They requested and received a charter to become an official state convention composed of local churches, clearly aligned to the NBC, USA, Inc. Soon thereafter, the National Capital Baptist Convention (NCBC) was duly chartered as an official state convention, headquartered in Washington, DC. The first years’ membership roster included some seventy (70) plus churches from the metropolitan area.

 The Convention has been blessed through the years with very strong and capable pastors, preachers and laypersons that laid the groundwork and continue to assure forward movement into the 21st Century.

 Our Parent Body leaders have included these dedicated Pastors:

1)      Rev. Wilbert C. Cole, St. Phillips Baptist Church

2)     Rev. Wilmore A. Carter, Liberty Baptist Church

3)     Rev. Edgar L. Williams, Second New St. Paul Baptist Church

4)     Rev. Charles Hayes, St. Charles Baptist Church

5)     Rev. Willie J. Mason, Emmanuel Baptist Church

6)     Rev. Edward Lewis, Resurrection Baptist Church

7)     Rev. Freddie Davis, Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church

8)     Rev. John Chaplin, Pleasant Lane Baptist Church

9)     Rev. Clinton W. Austin, Emmanuel Baptist Church

10)  Rev. Isaac Alston, Bright Light Baptist Church

11)   Rev. L. B. West, Mount Airy Baptist Church

 12)  Rev. Welton fields, Jr, Southern Friendship Baptist Church

13)  Rev. Eric D. Barksdale, St. Charles Baptist Church

Today under the leadership of our current President, Pastor Charles W. McNeill, Jr., Unity Baptist Church, the Convention continues to maintain a dominant presence in the metropolitan area, both with the member churches and the surrounding communities. Our record has shown extreme vision, dramatic progress, and provisions for needed assistance to all humankind under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

Our accomplishments speak for themselves- health seminars, certified Christian education classes. “the Boarder Babies Project”, workshops in church leadership preparation and fundraising projects to benefit the needs at a local hospital, The Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind and other non-profit organizations. Because of this very solid foundation, NCBC’s strength has been and continues to be represented on the National level with pastors, preachers and laypersons working within the Parent Body and Auxiliaries of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc.

Within the boundaries of our local jurisdiction, our convention has introduced new prototypes, such as the Information Technology Commission, the Pastoral Care & Counseling Commission and The National Capital Commission Foundation, our 501-C-3 organization for the expressed purpose of assisting member churches in the development and the empowerment of their parishioners. It is our hope that these commissions can and will be duplicated across the country.