There are five (5) recognized auxiliaries of the NCBC that work in harmony with the Convention to contribute to the accomplishment of its mission, fulfillment of its needs, and attainment of its corporate purposes. These Auxiliaries are governed by their own officers. The Auxiliaries are appointed by the President and hold meetings & events, and conduct activities to support its mission. The Convention Auxiliaries include:

Associate Ministers' Division

Rev. Christopher Strickland, President

cell: (202) 910-3349


This Associate Ministers Division serves as a venue for the development of the Spiritual gifts and other Ministerial skills of the National Capital Baptist Convention member churches Associate Ministers. It serves at the discretion of the NCBC leadership and is a network of Associate Ministers sharing common aspirations. Our reach spans the entire Washington DC Metropolitan area.

Goals: The Associate Ministers Division (AMD) holds as its soles objective the extension of God’s mission for the Church. The work of this division supplements measures already in consideration by the NCBC and its member churches.

In this regard the Division holds the following as its objectives:

Ministering to the human need in the name if Christ

Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Telling the world about Jesus through witness and action

Giving visible form to the faith and fellowship to which God has called His people

Assisting the needy and encourage Christian living

The coordinated efforts of the Division’s membership permits it to engage in outreach programs to spiritually nurture residents in nursing homes, patients in hospitals, the youth of our local communities, prison inmates and ex-offenders. Internally, ministering to each other is an equally important objective. The network is an effective Mecca for support in stressful personal situations. When possible, the Division also features and encourages personal development training programs.


Congress of Christian Education

Pastor Leroy Gilbert, Ph.D., President

work: (202) 462-0427

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The purpose of the NCCCE is to support the mission of the State President by serving as the nucleus for Christian Education. 

The NCCCE is comprised of a Planning Committee, which consist of 2-3 designated representatives from each of our more than 30 sister churches, the Scholarship Committee and the Youth Division.

Our primary responsibilities include:

Ensuring accreditation of our leadership schools, certification of our Dean and Instructors.

To establish and foster a spiritual learning environment for members at all ages.

To provide certified CoPP (Certificate of Progress Program) courses as well as practical living courses that will help to develop the whole man.

Goals of the NCCCE include:

Minimize cost to sister churches for participation in nationally certified courses by providing these courses at the local level.

Establish accredited leadership schools within our sister churches throughout the year.

To provide a catalyst through the PAP (Pastor’s Alternative Program) whereby Pastors with 5 or more year’s pastoral experience can become certified to teach all 4 phases of the COPP program.

Within in the next 18 months,( by utilizing members of our sister churches) establish a team of no less than 50 National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., Sunday School Publishing Board certified instructors, with the intent of maintaining 50 instructors throughout a revolving 5 year certification period.


Ministers' Wives/Widows Auxiliary

Lady Margaret Owens, President

cell: 202-215-0119

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Ministers’ Wives and Widows Auxiliary works to build a foundation of strength in Jesus Christ by:

Sharing our experiences with other Ministers wives, with the intent and purpose of offering encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to promote fellowship.

Offering mentoring leadership training to new ministers wives

Enhancing the work of the Ministers Wives in the ministry with their husbands

Striving to help our communities become apart of our church families

Connecting to make positive impacts upon our individual communities as well as nationwide

Working with different organizations to raise money for various charities

Fellowshipping together through different activities

It is the sincere mission of this Auxiliary to offer a place of refuge for the Ministers’ Wives and Widows of the National Capital Baptist Convention.


Ushers/Nurses Auxiliary

Deacon Steven Norris, President

home: (301) 772-9732

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Ushers/Nurses Auxiliary provides service to God as the doorkeepers and healthcare administrators in the house of the Lord. We promote orderly seating of the congregation to prevent disruption and interruption of worship or special service. We provide aide to the congregation when in need of healthcare or provide assistance when a person is in the spirit worshiping God. Communication is maintained through identifying request, concerns and emergency messages from both the pulpit and the congregation. This ministry extends a cheerful welcome to all who enter into God’s house, where through His Word, souls are saved.


Our role as Ushers & Nurses in this Convention is mandated by:


1 Corinthians 14:40: Let all things be done decently and in order.


Our role consists of the following:


To assist the pastors, ministers and officers in helping to bring God’s vision for the local churches and this convention into fruition.

Responsible for making all visitors feel welcome and important. Greet visitors with warmth and love.

Maintain order and orchestrate movement during the service and prayer ministry lines.

Assist the handicapped, sick and help trustees during emergency care of evacuation of the church.

Attend regularly scheduled meetings for the ushers and nurses of this convention.

Attend all services on a regular basis; Including the City-Wide Revival, Annual Session, Christian Education Classes, and Board Meetings etc.

Our mission is clear: Preserve Godly order and protect the weak, needy and infirmed. Be sensitive but don’t be intimidated.

Becoming involved in this Auxiliary of the NCBC one can get a personal feeling of belonging to a ministry that cares and is willing to assist you in your church events. This ministry promotes fellowship and the meeting of people from various churches and cultural persuasions; and an opportunity to serve God’s people in a way that is pleasing to Him.


In this ministry we get to interact with all aspects of the NCBC including President Charles W. McNeill Jr., the executive cabinet; all auxiliaries, music department, Christian education and the members of the financial team.

 Woman’s Auxiliary


Deaconess Elnora McCall, President

cell: 240-988-9011

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Woman’s Auxiliary to the National Capital Baptist Convention of Washington, D.C. and Vicinity is made up of women from constituent churches who participate in particular missionary or Women’s Ministries within their individual churches.


Membership is open to all who come and get involved. Our meetings are held quarterly on the third Saturday in January, April, July and October from 10 to 12 Noon. The correspondent secretary of the auxiliary informs churches or the missionary president if a change has occurred regarding the meeting date, place and in some cases if a call meeting will take place.


The meetings consist of a spiritual devotion and testimonial period led by the Auxiliary Devotional Team; an inspirational message given by a minister assigned for that day; a business meeting and dismissal with prayer.

Laymen's Movement


Deacon Tommie Abner, President


The National Capital Baptist Laymen’s Movement an auxiliary of the National Capital Baptist Convention of Washington, D.C. and Vicinity provides general direction to the National Capital Baptist Laymen’s Movement.  Immediate government of the National Baptist Laymen is vested in the members that compose it.


Objective: In obedience to the command of Christ, the basic objective of the National Baptist Laymen is to lead men into a vital relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and to enlist men into serving him as Lord of their lives by:


Enlisting men to actively support the primary work of the local congregation.

Training and involving men in understanding what commitment as a disciple of Jesus Christ can mean as a guiding force in their lives.

Regularly involving men in sharing their individual faith through small groups, evangelistic outreach and service.

Encouraging men to become a supporting arm for the Pastor in the overall work and mission of their local congregation.

 Advancing and supporting the wider work and ministries of the National Capital Baptist Convention.

Membership of the National Capital Baptist Laymen consisting of all men who are members of local congregations which are in an approved relationship with the National Capital Baptist Convention.


Meetings are held monthly from 12:00 PM till 2:00 PM at Emmanuel Baptist Church, 2409 Ainger Place SE. Washington, D.C., except for the months of August and December.


In order to achieve the stated objectives, the function of the National Capital Baptist Laymen through its officers and members is to work directly with men of local congregations and/or cluster of local congregations.


The National Capital Baptist Laymen tailored its emphasis, resources and training to the needs of local congregations and the development of additional programs and resources where appropriate.