There are three (3) recognized Boards that work in harmony with the Convention to contribute to the accomplishment of its mission, fulfillment of its needs, and attainment of its corporate purposes. These Boards are governed by their own officers. The Boards are appointed by the President of the NCBC and hold meetings & events, and conduct activities to support its mission. The Convention Boards include:

Evangelism Board

Rev. Christopher Strickland, President
cell: 202-910-3349
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The Evangelism Board works with local churches to create efforts of Christian outreach within their geographical area.  This Board is responsible for any and all matters relating to Evangelism while constantly working to develop new ideas, events, and avenues that will help us share the Gospel of Christ.


 Foreign Mission Board


 Pastor Robin Toogood, Chairman


The Foreign Mission Board is constitutionally established under article 7 section 4--its purpose is to raise funds through member churches of the Convention and throughout the Washington metropolitan area and report these funds to the Foreign Mission Board of the National Baptist Convention U.S.A., Inc.

The local Foreign Mission Board serves under or at the will of the local Convention. The chairman is responsible for overseeing the activities of the local Foreign Mission Board and presenting to the local Convention, accurate reports of all activities as well as funds that are raised. Moreover, the chairman is responsible for forwarding any funds to the National Convention.

The National Convention receives funds from all state and local bodies and distributes these funds to the many mission stations, schools, and hospitals in Africa, the Caribbean, and Central America.

If you wish to make a contribution, you may do so by making your check payable to NCBC and forwarding to the National Capital Foreign Mission Board or to a participating member church of the National Capital Baptist Convention.

Below is a listing of countries that are supported with funds from the National Baptist Convention U.S.A., Inc.

  • Sierra Leone
  • Liberia
  • Malawi
  • Zambia
  • Swaziland
  • Lesotho
  • Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Nicaragua


Home Mission Board


 Rev. Roy J. Holbrook, Chairman
work: (301) 577-4882
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The concept of Home Missions is the basic tenet of the Christian Faith, which follows the most noble and truest facet of the Teaching of Jesus Christ concerning caring for the least of these.  Furthermore, Matthew 26:11- For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always.  However wealthy some might become, there will always be a segment of the population that will need someone to lend them a helping hand.

The main purpose of the Home Mission Board is to reach out to the downtrodden, the least, the lost and the left out.  This board seeks to assist other organizations, churches, and individuals to accomplish worthwhile causes, and at the same time, spearhead our own (NCBC) efforts to fight poverty, social and civil injustices, health and educational issues.

Our focus is Christ-centered, which is directly related to the purpose and it resonates our aim, our goal, which is to reach loss souls with the saving Gospel of Jesus the Christ as Lord and Redeemer.  The National Capital Baptist Convention theme for our current administration: Building on a Solid Foundation, captures the essence of our mission and bolsters every attempt to bring wholeness to brokenness. 

Our strategy is to create new paradigms that are innovative and provocative.  We partnered with Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind and raised over $13,000.00 to further their mission of aiding partial and totally blind individuals.   We brought churches together and raised thousands of dollars and assisted with sending a truckload of supplies for victims of hurricane Katrina in Louisiana.  We donated money to Humanity Fest to aid in providing food for the less fortunate during Thanksgiving.

We, the Home Mission Board of the National Capital Baptist Convention, are developing more equitable ways to impact the Washington Metropolitan Community.  We are striving to establish perpetual programs that will set new trends for ministering in thetwenty-first century. 

We devote and dedicate our efforts and accomplishments to the Glory of our God through Jesus the Christ and as we serve, we are mindful that it is because of Him and His Grace toward us that we have been placed in humble positions to serve this present age.