National Capital Commission Foundation

 Pastor Reginald Farmer, Chairman


National Capital Commission Foundation (NCCF), Inc. is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to advocating for quality and affordable afterschool programs and raising awareness of the importance of strong academic programs for all children.  Since 1992, NCCF has provided technical expertise to it clients, which include schools, school districts as well as educational and community organizations.  NCCF is dedicated to improving educational achievement during school and afterschool hours. We work wherever the needs are greatest in urban and rural school districts and communities. The expertise we bring to the task is supported by products and materials we have created, and by working models we have developed, to increase the likelihood of student progress.


One of our core strengths is bringing together partners who can collectively create solutions to benefit our nation's youth. Forming strategic relationships among educators, funders, community leaders, and others is the key to our ongoing initiatives.