Pastoral Care & Counseling Commission

Rev. Dr. Lynda Brown-Hall, Chairperson

cell: 202-365-2631

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Pastoral Care & Counseling Commission (PCCC) recognizes that our churches have an obligation to accept the responsibility of assisting our members with their counseling needs.  There is also the recognition that many people could benefit from counseling and/or need it; the numbers can be overwhelming.  Pastors, however, may not be able to meet all of the counseling needs within their congregations and handle all of their others duties; therefore, it is expected that PCCC will assist member Pastors and churches with their development in the area of Pastoral Care and Counseling.


PCCC is charged:


To increase awareness of both lay and Pastoral/Christian Counseling in member churches;

To develop mechanisms to assist Pastors with the congregation counseling needs;

To increase the availability of Pastoral/Christian counseling services to members of local congregations; and

To increase the communities’ awareness of our churches as resources.

Initially, participation on the PCCC was sought from all churches which hold membership in the NCBC. This range of representation would enable the Commission to both receive and disseminate information responsive to the various counseling needs churches may have.  Therefore, the work of the PCCC has been to develop strategies which enable us to assist churches address their counseling needs which may be direct service, training, and or consultation.